Start your transformation NOW!

Hire your OWN online personal trainer for a 100% personalized workout and diet programs.

Core Features

hire your own personal trainer

Hire your online personal trainer based on their specialties, their services, and their package prices.

personalized workout/diet plans

Receive a fully personalized workout, diet and a supplement plan designed by your own personal trainer and based on your own needs.

Visual workout plans

Open the app, Select your session and Start working out with an easy to follow visual workout programs to make sure you’re doing your exercises right.

Visual workouts

excel sheets are really hard to follow, this is why on URUZ it’s all done with videos!
  • List view is available if you don’t need the videos
  • Sets, Reps, Time, and Rest, set by your own trainer, will be visible at all time
  • Skip, or Mark as done every exercise and let your trainer know how your session went
  • Automatic feedback with a note to your trainer at the end of every session


Talk to your trainer any time you have a question, a concern or simply for motivation
  • Send progress photos to your trainer or log your meals.
  • Automatic check-ins every time your finish your session.


Louay Ayoub

8 years ago till now, "Dedicate" is still my personal slogan. From 51kg to 85kg of lean solid muscles, thats quite an astonishing success! Have a taste of my journey and experience the great fitness world from losing weight to building muscles and from performance progress to strength enhancement. Dedicate!

Valentina Khalil

It’s not just about giving a workout plan. It’s about that sensitive reason why that client started, it might be an insecurity or a health issue. When it comes to myself, it was both; constantly wearing a back brace 23 hours for three years cause of scoliosis made me become a personal trainer in order to help clients grow strong mentally, and not only physically.


  • fat loss and muscle gain
  • nutrition
  • general health and fitness
  • transformation challenge

Grace Kassab

A sports enthusiast, former professional basketball player, Shodan (black belt) Aikido practitioner, Ninja Warrior competitor, Lebanon’s powerlifting champion for under 63kg (2017), and a focused and resourceful certified personal trainer with almost three years of experience coaching in athletic environments. Expert counselor in proper use of fitness equipment and suitable forms of exercise. Well-versed in conducting personal fitness workouts in accordance to individual needs. Hard-working and reliable with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. IFPA, CPR and First Aid certified.

Ziad Hajjar

Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, increase endurance, improve flexibility, boost your self- esteem, or just to release stress, I can help you get there. I know that it can be a struggle to reach any fitness goal. It takes a strong will, sacrifice, and dedication which may sometimes be challenging. I am here to make it easier for you and even fun.

I have competed in two amateur bodybuilding competitions and I have over 8 years of experience in the field. I am also constantly updating my knowledge so I can guarantee that you will achieve your goal.