Boost your income by helping others

Get started as an online personal trainer, and help others achieve their goals while making extra cash

Core Features


Get your existing clients on URUZ, or we’ll simply match you with new clients based on your certifications and specialties.

Your service, Your Prices

Create your packages based on the services you want to offer and set your own prices and offers to maximize sales.

Easy managment

Easily manage your current and new clients, and know when to change or add a workout to a certain client.

connect, track, motivate

Following and tracking your client is easier than ever

  • Text your clients anytime.
  • Receive automated check-ins and performance feedback and notes from your client right after every session.
  • Track the progress of your clients with in-chat photo exchange.

No more excel

Use a library of 450 exercise videos to assign to your clients

  • Easily insert the number of Sets, Reps, Time, or even Rest for every workout
  • Create your own diet library with details you want in each diet item
  • Save time by creating workout and diet templates to reuse them later, instead of writing the same plan over and over again.

the most interactive online workout

Provide your clients with completely visual, and easy to follow workout programs

  • Easy to switch between exercises
  • Direct feedback on every exercise with just 1 button
  • View in landscape mode, full screen mode, or just as a list